Saturday, August 17, 2013


Welcome everyone! We are happy that you all got here safe!

 Let's get the training started!

Our first meeting was mostly introductory. We are a crowd of 24 smiley faces, willing hearts and open minds! 
The trainers (our wonderful Susan and Denise) emphasised that they looooved questions! Well...we will make sure that they get plenty of them!!

The frame of the project is strong but flexible, and we are more than willing to adapt it to the needs of the participants. Therefore, we asked them what their expectations were. Here are some of their answers:

Great! Let's see what Susan and Denise can do about those in the next few days:))

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  1. Just want to say, that the first day was FULL of great stuff - BIG THANK YOU to Susan, Denise, Natalia and Magda. You are wonderful and doing very good and hard work.
    Now I should go to sleep, as it is nearly midnight, but there is so much still going on in my mind, that I think I will be dreaming about "bridges" ;-). See you in the morning!